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Anastacia 'Heavy Rotation' Tour...

09/01/2010 22:35

 As you shall be aware, me and Edd set of for Cardiff on 26th June 2009 with Katie in tow to see Anastacia at the CIA. After our 3 month wait we were finally seated in row two waiting for the show to start! 

Anastacia kicked off preceedings with one of her signature tracks - One day in your life - which immediatly got the place on it's feat as the stadium screamed the words towards the 'little lady with the big big voice', as the media calls her. Following this were amazing duets, such as, I belong to You (a huge hit accross Europe but was never relased in the UK) and I Thought I told You That. Both of these were with, to be frank, above average supporting singers. On one or two occasions these singers voices were almost too much for Anastacia, however, once this woman lets rip the feeling of equanimity on the stage quickly vanishes. An example of this was at the nights end with the high note in Left Outside Alone (Forget Britney's Toxic - This was the song of 2004) which could put names such as Christina Aguliera and Beyonce to shame. Overall the show was fantastic, not once dipping in excitement, even the Ballads held captive to the audiences attention. Probably something to do with the strong melodies and powerful lyrics which often pay homage to a darker time hidden inside the singers memory - definitely one to see at least once in a lifetime.

The Set list is as follows:

"One Day in Your Life

"I Can Feel You"

"You'll Never Be Alone"


"Cowboys & Kisses"

"Why'd You Lie to Me"

"Paid My Dues

"Pieces of a Dream"

"Sick and Tired"

"I Belong to You"

"Not That Kind"

"I'm Outta Love"

"Left Outside Alone"


Overall the concert scores 10/10