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Basement Jaxx - Live 'Colston Hall'

17/05/2009 22:36

 For many of our listeners, it will be clear now that me and Edd have a soft spot for many musical artists - these, naturally become slightly more mentioned than others. For this review I think it is clear that this was one of those times, our participation in this gig was no different to any other (apart from one person, will get to that later - a hint, It involves a gorilla!) however, what makes it different for us is that we can annoy anyone who is listening by telling them about it, so here we go - BASEMENT JAXX - LIVE!

The Jaxx started off with one of their most well known numbers, the anthem that is ‘Good Luck’, originally sung by ‘Lisa Kekaula’, the bands actual singers do a remarkable job at pulling off one of the hardest songs to sing of the past decade whilst dancing around in what can only be described as ‘Artistic gymnastic costumes’ to say the least (think collage). 

Throughout the night many other songs were played, including ‘Oh My Gosh’, ‘Rendez Vu’, ‘Where’s Your Head At’ and ‘Bingo Bango’. The night highlights have to be the funky ‘Do your thing’ (Boom bang, boom bang bang) and the new lead single ‘Raindrops’, from the upcoming album entitled ‘Scars’. 

Throughout the night the performances were strong and the dance routines always raised a big smile, the let down part was the venue itself, it was just too small for the sound these guys produce - the sound was bouncing off the walls and merging in the middle, making it sometimes hard to hear them. We can be sure the basement Jaxx aren’t the problem here as when sat down you could hear them perfectly as the sound had the bodies of all the people stood up in the surrounding area to break the collision it was having. 

All in all though, it was a fabulous night and we reccomend you see them, just as somewhere bigger than the ‘Colston Hall’, I saw them once at Birmingham’s ‘NIA’ and they were fantastic, so if you can, go there!

[Matt, NSR Original]