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Matt and Edd's Rant's (26-4-09)

26/04/2009 22:15

 Matt's Rant

Okay, I have been sitting in my Dad’s office doing some photography work for some time now and suddenly a huge thought has hit me, a new pet hate as it were. Why do nearly all electrical appliances have to have a light on them to tell me they are on? Why can’t they have a dial that simply flicks between ‘On’ and ‘Off’ status each time you use it or don’t use it. It’s ridiculous, not many people think about it, but after working nearly all day, the amount of lights i can see is quite amazing, there are 3 on the computer, one on the scanner, others include the printer and even the MOUSE!! (It’s central ring likes to have it’s fair share of the techno spotlight). Why is it that we need these lights? Surely, i know they are only small, but surely they are just a chronic waste of electricity - they all add up. Oh i forgot one, there’s two on the phone. Even as I sit here typing this, I am becoming increasingly aware that many are flashing at me...relentless pattern’s of blueness appearing and disappearing only to reappear again...WHY? Also I have noticed that if my Dad’s PC ever crashes, the light still works properly...Why oh Why cant old Gatesy make his computer’s work better, rather than fine tuning his perfectly crafted LED lights to get exactly the right brightness? I know Intel is Inside...I don’t want to be drawn to it’s status every time I enter a room because then I just feel like an onlooker to the latest Lyndsay Lohan adventure...