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Most listeners to a after school show : NSR Live! (Ted, Sam & Shredhead)

Most emails in a show : NSR Live! (Jig & Jive from the JJ's)

Furthest Listener (Live) : Australian (JWC)

Most technical/presenter errors in a show : NSR Live! (Ted & Matt from NSR Original and Anchorma

The Voice (BCfm)

The Voice (BCfm)

Broadcasted: October/November 2009

The brand new teen debate show, "The Voice" on local station BCfm (93.2fm).

The show went out for six weeks, going out each Monday 3-5PM on Bristols BCfm 93.2fm, the show was presented by non other then our very own Edd (NSR Original) and co-presented with Matt & Graeme (NSR Original & Sound) or Jack & Josh (The JJs). The team debate the big issues of the day and play some great music to get Bristol talking. 

So why not enter the BCfm website or read more about NSR on BCfm by clicking here...

[Please note, this is not a NSR show, it just features our presenters and is recorded in our studios. Its a NSR Production for BCfm 93.2]