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TXT : 07704469502
Skype : nsradionailsea



Most listeners to a after school show : NSR Live! (Ted, Sam & Shredhead)

Most emails in a show : NSR Live! (Jig & Jive from the JJ's)

Furthest Listener (Live) : Australian (JWC)

Most technical/presenter errors in a show : NSR Live! (Ted & Matt from NSR Original and Anchorma

Off Air : NSR Live!, The Requests show

Off Air : NSR Live!, The Requests show

Currently off air due to live streaming issues, this show may be back in September. 

NSR Live! is NSR's live interactive requests show. Going out live every tuesday we playout all the requests, shout outs and have as much witty banter we can fit in with guest hosts each week. We always need requests, simpily click here to submit a request to the studio, or email us anytime. 

Note: After reviewing NSRs output and our current music database we have currently decided to not revive the requests show at this moment in time. We shall review the situation again in March. - NSR Management.