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 NSR Internal details

The following is meant for NSR staff and DJ's

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(* requires a staff username and password, snr producers will have one)



These rules are a summary and addition to the OFCOM editorial guidelines. The OFCOM guidelines can be found on the desktop of the master computer, if you have any queries please contact a senior producer or the station manager or a member of staff.  The producer has overall control over the show and its output.

1)   What you can and can’t say during your shows

Presenters must NOT do the following during shows                                                          

·         Swear.

·         Make racist / discriminatory remarks.

·         Play music which has swearing or has been marked explicit (unless cleared by a senior producer)

·         Talk about topics too old for our target audience.

·         Name people who do not wish to be named.

·         Fully read articles without sourcing.

·         Say anything which will put NSR, its team or Nailsea School into trouble.

·         Mislead people, with contests people can’t win or other such things.

·         Do practical jokes / “pranks” / cause humiliation or anything else that may cause upset.

·         Name people under 18 with their full name (except requests or cleared news) or where they live.

·         Play music which has not been released yet, unless with the expressed written permission of the relevant people.

·         Have blatant disregard for other peoples work.

·         Be pro drugs, drink or smoking

Presenters CAN do the following during shows

·         Play clean / radio edits of music.

·         Talk about relevant topics.

·         Interact with audience.

·         State any views you say as your own and acknowledge others are possible.

·         Plug NSR shows and Nailsea School events.

·         Book guests, through there producer / station manager.

·         Do on-air games with presenters in the studio, however you cannot mislead listeners!

·         Remain calm, collected and professional at all times.


2)   Music style, genres and timings

·         EVERY live lunchtime show MUST play at least 70% of their songs output as what is considered “mainstream” or current chart music. This will be enforced by the producers.

·         After school shows can play their own style of music, however this must be clean, without swearwords.

·         The requests show MUST play requests that come in which we 1) Have the song on our systems  2) Which are deemed appropriate 3) You cannot disregard songs just because you don’t like them 4) You should keep a variety of music on the go, not just one genre.

·         All songs must be released in the UK, either single or album. No unreleased tracks unless from an official source.

·         Any tracks (demos) or songs by pupils or staff must be cleared by senior producer.

·         iPods can only be used at producers expressed permission. Usually iPods will not be allowed.


3)   Studio guests

·         Studio guests must abide by the NSR rules.

·         Studio guests from within school require 24hrs notice sent to the station manager, email these to or to your producer.

·         Studio guests from outside of school need a minimum of 2 working days notice and this must be told to the station manager. You will need to state who the guest is and reasons why they need to come (this is for child protection reasons).

·         If an external guest has been booked you must notify reception on the day of the guest arriving, stating who they are and that they are with the radio station. The producer will have to leave their own (the producers) mobile number with reception (or NSR’s mobile number or Miss Jacksons ext.) and will have to collect and escort the guest at all times whilst on site. Guests cannot come straight to the studio by themselves. Also a member of staff must be in the studio if an external guest is in the studio.

·         All studio guests must sign the guest release prior to going on air, stating they take responsibility for what they say.


4)   News

·         All news must be suitable

·         From reliable sources

·         Not copied from news websites (such as BBC News) without expressed permission from the websites owner or the station manager.

·         All sources must be quoted, or written in a document and emailed to the station manager or news coordinator.

·         All interviews must be objective.

·         No uncalled for bias.

·         Do not use pictures, if you need one to a picture to aid the story paste a link onto our website from its source origin. Or use NSR’s own pictures.


5)   General information

·         The producers have the final say over a show.

·         Producers can stop the show at any time if they feel there is an issue which needs the show to be taken off air.

·         Producers have the final choice over the music choice; they pick the playlists however they can allow presenters to choose themselves.

·         All paperwork must be filled out on the day of the show, no paperwork = no podcast.

·         If you swear or experience a technical issue apologies quickly and repair the issue.

·         Respect eachother.

·         If you wish to challenge a decision made by your producer then please inform the station manager ASAP.

·         Do not hand out passwords for NSR, its websites, accounts and other sensitive information.