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Most listeners to a after school show : NSR Live! (Ted, Sam & Shredhead)

Most emails in a show : NSR Live! (Jig & Jive from the JJ's)

Furthest Listener (Live) : Australian (JWC)

Most technical/presenter errors in a show : NSR Live! (Ted & Matt from NSR Original and Anchorma

 The JJ's (Broadcasted: September 2008 - July 2010)

Welcome to the official webpage of The JJ's. Catch up with the antics of the two opposites of radio!

What Made "The JJ's" Just Joyful?

Every week The JJ's brought entertainment value with two opposites acting together to produce quality radio listening. Weekly segments included:

- The A-Z Of Music

- Funny, But True News

- The News & Weather According To Jig

- Pointless Fact Of The Week


Sadly this has left, but look out for the 2nd Generation look of Josh & Jack!

Meet The People Behind The JJ's


Joshua (Jive): The presenter of The JJ's, Jive provided an alternative/rock elements within the genre of the show. He loves the punk genre and the idea of anarchism and freedom of speech, with his type of music broadening over the years since he first joined in 2008 (probably with thanks to Jig!). Joshua is often in argument with Jig, along with providing a upside down look into today's world. Along with presenting The JJ's, Joshua produced JWC, and was the deputy station manager of NSR. In the summer of 2010 the role of station manager was given to Joshua, now running the NSR station. If he's not taking part in NSR you can usually find him playing basketball or tennis, hanging with friends, bass playing, or casual productions of media.

(Jive, The Alternate Out-looker)


Jack (Jig): The presenter of The JJ's, Jack provided taste of the classics and the songs that are simply timeless! Always providing the sophisticated elements to the show, but sometimes losing the point and getting off the point. He loves taking it easy, but can sometimes overcomplicate, none the less an all round nice guy. After The JJ's, Jack has been working on a new show for 2011, and still takes involvement within NSRadio. In his free time he enjoys relaxing, socialising, and takes interest in his subjects of study.

(Jig, The Sophisticated One)


Edd: The producer of The JJ's, taking great enjoying from the show every week. As the occasional guest of the show as well as the producer, Edd helped to make The JJ's what they were! He loves current music, especially dance/club, but is willing to broaden his genre spectrum. Edd was usually seen on Original arguing with Matt, or running around running the station. If he's not in the studio he's on the badminton court, with friends, or now at university studying Media.

(Edd, The Quieter One)