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TXT : 07704469502
Skype : nsradionailsea



Most listeners to a after school show : NSR Live! (Ted, Sam & Shredhead)

Most emails in a show : NSR Live! (Jig & Jive from the JJ's)

Furthest Listener (Live) : Australian (JWC)

Most technical/presenter errors in a show : NSR Live! (Ted & Matt from NSR Original and Anchorma

Sound (Broadcasted: September 2008 - July 2010)

Edd, Matt and Graeme from NSR Original with a brand new music show to kickstart your weekends every friday night. It just keeps bouncing back!

 What Made "Sound" Sound?

 A show created by the minds of Original was always to please, providing the best from the nineties and the noughties. Thoughtful discussions included it provided a great way to kick off your afternoon and evening!