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TXT : 07704469502
Skype : nsradionailsea



Most listeners to a after school show : NSR Live! (Ted, Sam & Shredhead)

Most emails in a show : NSR Live! (Jig & Jive from the JJ's)

Furthest Listener (Live) : Australian (JWC)

Most technical/presenter errors in a show : NSR Live! (Ted & Matt from NSR Original and Anchorma

 2nd Generation NSRadio

A new set of shows, from the new team of NSRadio. 

Coming your way February 2011!

1st Generation NSRadio


You've missed out on some brilliant shows which have sadly moved on from NSR, however their websites still remain.

 Current Cancelled Shows

NSR Live Requests show

Until further notice sadly the request show will be off air due to live streaming and music archive issues