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Matts & Edd's Rant's (20-4-09)

26/04/2009 20:19

Matts Rant

I was scanning through the channels last night before finally settling on watching BBC1's Panorama for the first time ever. The subject tonight was the infamous British 'health and Safety', commonly refered to as the 'Fun police', anyway, I was appauled to see what the new 'hazard' was. The subject that has caused the health and safety nuts to freak recently is grave stones!! Many councils around the country are unhappy at the safety of them after one fell down and crushed a 4 year old girl who was climbing all over it. Since then then, health and safety has deemed gravestones the new threat to humanity and have started employing 'Topple Testers' (seriously their name), to go around and test whether a gravestone will topple should it have a certain amount of weight applied to it. Once a certain grave has been deemed unsafe, it is tethered to the ground by tying it to a wooden stake - is this some kinda sick joke or what? (A certain count anyone?)

Some councils have since spent hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Tax payers money for this pathetic excuse to even try and catch us out with health and safety after death - so even in death, we aren't allowed to let go a bit, please feel free to express your views on this...I would love to know what you all think... =P

 Edds Rant

What more can I say, the fun police strike again. All im going to say is rather then us being killed, there the one's who have died inside =P