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Months without a rant, so heres one!

11/10/2009 12:44

Well its been several months without a rant, so here comes one to fill the void. As you all know, me and matt used to have very different music styles on the show and we didnt keep these opinions to ourselves, but I think that this week we can unite as its a good week for music. X-Factor is upon us again, and so it seems logical that Alexandra Burke has come out with her new single "bad boys" this week. Its an interesting song with Flo-Rider, who we all know matt loves (not!). But as a song itself, its not bad atall. Good tune, however lyrically I personally expected way more considering the amount of time this song took to come. We will have the first play of this song on NSR Original, this Thursday lunchtime.

But speaking of time to come, Robbie Williams and his new single "Bodies" has been worth the wait. After the flop that was Rudebox back in 2007, the new album "Reality killed the video star" promises to be so much more. Bodies is the first single from this album, and some people call it a grower but personally I love it. As with most music nowerdays it is slightly heavier then the old pop songs of latter years, with more of a bass line. Once again, we will have a full review later this week on NSR Original.

Im sure matt will share his oppinion with you on these songs, and Graeme would, if he spoke!

Anyways peace out all, enjoy your week and watch this space.

Edd :)