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Presenter Rants (12-06-2009)

12/05/2009 19:21

Matt’s Mac vs. Pc Argument - Completely Unanimous decision 

For those avid listeners who have listened to most or all of the shows that I have done, you will probably be aware that I have a certain tendency to despise Microsoft products - more specifically, their windows computers, to which I have a particular hatred for and would rather be seen using a Mac. Anyway, here is my story that happened within the past week as further proof (as if anymore is needed) as to why my claim that: ‘Macs are simply better’ is completely correct. 

I was spending the weekend doing photography work on my Mac as the exam was drawing near when I decided I wanted to watch a DVD when working, the set up was a desk with a PC to the back of it, and my MacBook in front so it seemed as if it would be easy, BIG MISTAKE. I took the DVD and placed it in the PC, it asked me to configure the region of the ‘Windows media player’, so I clicked region 2 (Same as the DVD case) and continued, 2 minutes later…..Windows media player had frozen, a restart was in order - i ejected the DVD. Once the computer was up and running, I got to the log in to the computer page to which a message was displayed ‘No accounts activated on this computer’, despite the fact that we had had the computer for a year, we apparently had not set up ANY user….what?? I restarted, MANAGED TO LOG ON THIS TIME and placed the DVD in the tray again, the computer froze AGAIN. In the end i went to retrieve my old faithful IBook and proceeded to play the DVD with ease. 

Lesson Learnt: Never Use a PC!!  (If it wont even play a DVD, how can i entrust it with anything?) Mac’s forever