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Sharleen Spiteri the 'Melody' Tour at Colston Hall - Review

11/03/2009 20:41

 Singer/ song writer Sharleen Spiteri of Texas fame exploded onto the scenes last year with her top 20 hit 'All the times I cried' and the subsequent album 'Melody'. 

The support act 'Kizzy star' (who's first single is out now) were a great crowd warmer, as with Spiteri they are also a musical act originating in Scotland. Their musical style is similar to that of Texas but also could be deemed on the same terms as Duffy's song 'Distant Dreamer' on occasions. Just before 'Kizzy star' left the all boy band thanked Spiteri and were on their way. 


A small black silhouette of a figure appeared on stage before bursting into the slow melodic song of 'francoise', you had to think twice before concluding that it was the woman herself - her size follows the trend of female singers these days, small figure - huge voice, examples of this are the likes of Duffy, Winehouse and Anastacia. Of course Spiteri has had more time in the limelight than all of these put together. After Francoise the evening warms up with the album opener to 'Melody' that is the very funky 'It was you', once the first note was played no one in the crowd could bare to sit down any longer.

Throughout the rest of the night many songs were played from her 'Melody' album but also a fair few of Texas origin such as 'Inner smile' with the unforgettable repetitive 'Yeah' and the timeless 'Summer Son' we are reminded of just what a talent Spiteri is and definitely a vocal force to be reckoned with but as with so many artists these days, she isn't a patch on the CD as what she is live, which is a problem if u see her, as you'll be left begging for more. 


NSR rating 5/5