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Article archive

Anastacia 'Heavy Rotation' Tour...

09/01/2010 22:35
 As you shall be aware, me and Edd set of for Cardiff on 26th June 2009 with Katie in tow to see Anastacia at the CIA. After our 3 month wait we were finally seated in row two waiting for the show to start!  Anastacia kicked off preceedings with one of her signature tracks - One day in...

Months without a rant, so heres one!

11/10/2009 12:44
Well its been several months without a rant, so here comes one to fill the void. As you all know, me and matt used to have very different music styles on the show and we didnt keep these opinions to ourselves, but I think that this week we can unite as its a good week for music. X-Factor is upon us...

Edd's rant of the week

06/06/2009 02:14
Yes, that time of year is upon us again, exams. Urrgh! Thankfully mine are over now, the three weeks of pain and misery they brought along with them, but I know many of you out there are still suffering. Yeah I know exams are important, but surley they shouldnt be dictating our lives. I think that...

Basement Jaxx - Live 'Colston Hall'

17/05/2009 22:36
 For many of our listeners, it will be clear now that me and Edd have a soft spot for many musical artists - these, naturally become slightly more mentioned than others. For this review I think it is clear that this was one of those times, our participation in this gig was no different to any...

Number 1 Album

12/05/2009 19:27
 Bob Dylan - Together through Life

Presenter Rants (12-06-2009)

12/05/2009 19:21
Matt’s Mac vs. Pc Argument - Completely Unanimous decision  For those avid listeners who have listened to most or all of the shows that I have done, you will probably be aware that I have a certain tendency to despise Microsoft products - more specifically, their windows computers, to which I...

Sharleen Spiteri - The Melody Tour

06/05/2009 00:04
 Sharleen Spiteri Singer/ song writer Sharleen Spiteri of Texas fame exploded onto the scenes last year with her top 20 hit 'All the times I cried' and the subsequent album 'Melody'.  The support act 'Kizzy star' (who's first single is out now) were a great crowd warmer, as with Spiteri...

French and Saunder's - Comedy Legends

06/05/2009 00:03
  French and Saunders Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley and Jennifer Saunders (Absolutely Fabulous) formed the popular comedy duo in the late 1980's, the show was given one of the highest budgets in BBC history - which in turn produced some of the funniest spoofs of everything from films...

KT Tunstall - The hidden Heart

06/05/2009 00:02
 KT Tunstall - 'The Hidden Heart' Buce parry of the BBC programme, Tribe fame, has recently contracted in singers, well known and less so to appear on his charity album, 'songs for survival', which is avaliable to download now via itunes or any good online music retailer. The money raised goes...

Matt and Edd's Rant's (26-4-09)

26/04/2009 22:15
 Matt's Rant Okay, I have been sitting in my Dad’s office doing some photography work for some time now and suddenly a huge thought has hit me, a new pet hate as it were. Why do nearly all electrical appliances have to have a light on them to tell me they are on? Why can’t they have a dial...
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